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These stud earrings are nice and simple. We opted away from wire wrapping to avoid the prickles of wires against ears and misweighting we've personally seen in past experience, meaning these get to show off a bit more of their stone!


The Mermaid-Minded Earrings are a two pack of crystal studs, featuring Fluorite and Aquamarine.


Aquamarine is a pretty obvious connection to the theme here, as Aqua is right there in the name.  Aquamarine is one of Naik's favorite stones, and embodies the ocean in energetic feel as much as title. This stone is wonderful for anyone, but especially great for sensitive people since it is so good at easing anxiety and calming fears. It has a very mothering vibration that heightens intuition and protects the aura while realigning the chakras and bringing the emotional body back into alignment.


Fluorite on the other hand, IS Naik's favorite, as it was the first to choose her for an owner.  While a very grounding stone, this one has always reminded the artist of the ocean, and the calm she felt floating in it. Now that she's older and more knowledgeable, she can give this an actual explanation: Fluorite was named after the latin word for Flux. Perhaps the name just works very well with the vibrational energies of this stone, but it very much attempts to center you, while reminding you to release control and let life roll over you like an ocean wave, rather than fighting against it and having your legs wiped out from beneath you.

Mermaid-Minded Earrings

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