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For anyone who would have preferred if our crystal boards came with everything necessary to set them up... we finally have one! This pairs our Metatron's Cube Crystal Grid Board with a Rainbow Moonstone point, 6 Selenite sticks, 6 Iolite Crystals and Prehnite Chip Stones.


Iolite is a vision stone used in shamanic ceremonies to assist in journeying. This stone stimulates inner knowledge, releasing the causes of addiction and codepency to allow us to express our true selves; It gives off an electrical charge that reenergizes the auric field and aligns the aura.


Selenite, also called 'Liquid Light', is a high vibration stone able to cleanse other crystals while inducing clarity of mind and accessing angelic consciousness, all while anchoring the light body to earth's vibration.  We could go on for ages about why Selenite should be the first crystal in everyone's collection, but let's just say... it makes for a hardcore cleansing effect to this grid.


While we might be using Metatron's cube to channel energy in this grid, its main intention is healing, cleansing, and bringing us back into touch with both ourselves, the Earth, and the universe around us.  For this, we use Prehnite to help call in another heavy hitter, Archangel Raphael.  This crystal seals the auric field in a protective shield, and when combining the aid of this Earth Force Angel, teaches us how to be in harmony with nature and the elemental forces, revitalizing and renewing our surroundings.


Rainbow Moonstone forms the central hub and focusing power of this grid.  Like Moonstone, this white form of Labradorite syncs to the lunar cycle; however, in comparison, it carries a spiritual vibration for healing karmic cycles and blockages, aiming to better humanity as a whole. This crystal can open a person's spiritual abilities, as well as linking them to not only their current life's plan, but the karmic line's.

Metatron's Cube Board Set

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