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Typically, constructing spell jars would use the melted wax from the candles burning through creation to seal their jars... but sometimes open flames simply aren't possible. Like, say, when you're stuck in a hotel room that doesn't want candles around and you're trying to avoid setting off a smoke alarm!  This required some resourceful thinking on the part of our artist, but in the end... she ended  up with a method for getting the job done that she prefers more!


Swapping out the candle flame for wax warmers allowed the same time necessary to sit and charge intentions, but is all portioned to spell and craft necessities. If you're looking to create your own ritual jars, or even just recharge those you get from us, these are a great way to do so! All you need is a wax warmer, candle warmer, or double boiler. (If you don't have any of these, just throw a glass bowl over a saucepan with a bit of water in it. Your wax goes in the bowl, the heat gets set to simmer, and voila! Before long, you'll have just what you need! Additionally, using this method, you can choose how much or how little wax you want to add, in whichever color you want.


Colors are all intuitively created depending on how Naik's feeling at any given time, so while she can make closely matched colors in the future, they're all intended to be unique and likely won't be recreated in any exact form. Please note that this first batch features some random scents here and there for experimental purposes, but this is not consistent or specifically designed yet. That'll come in the future with our Phoenix Spire Candles, likely sometime around April or May of 2022.


Names are the first word that came to mind to describe color! Please don't confuse these as having actual crystals in them like a lot of other Phoenix Spire Creations! :)

Ritual Jar Wax Stars

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