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The bath bombs have finally come to Phoenix Spire!


These Rose Heart bath bombs are especially great for anyone dealing with dry or inflamed skin, and despite the light dusting of rose petals that will swirl on top of your water, are far less messy than some of our other bomb options.  Containing Rose, Clary Sage, Chamomile and Juniper Berry essential oils for their individual properties, these lil' Hearts have a relaxing Rosey scent while also supplying a small dose of coconut oil to help moisturize skin.  While you'll still get the shimmer offered from our other bath bombs, these guys won't leave you feeling like you climbed out of a glitter pot. 



Rose Heart Bath Bomb Ingredients:  Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate), Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate USP), Citric Acid (Acidum Citricum), Cornstarch (Zea Mays (Corn) Starch), Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil), Essential Oils (Rose (Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Oil ), Clary Sage (Salvia Sclarea (Clary) Oil), Chamomile (Anthemis Nobilis (Roman Chamomile) Oil), Juniper Berry (Juniperus Communis (Juniper Berry) Fruit Oil), Mica





Bath Bomb Disclaimers: Unlike some bath bomb creators, we want to give you fair warning about the downside of bath bombs, and the reality of these ones.  Water and humidity are the enemies of bath bombs. We don't suggest subjecting them to it prior to use, as you'll lose that fizzy reaction! What this also means is that minimal water is used in their creation, and all that good stuff your skin loves out of them? That's the yummy oils that are locked in your bath bombs.  These are great additions to the bath, but for the sake of safety and cleanliness, also mean you'll want to clean your tub out afterwards. This is both to avoid slipping, as well as to get that colored oil off of your bath!


General suggestions for bath bomb use:

* Giving your tub a quick afterbath scrub with dish soap cuts through the leftover oil quickly, especially with a hot water spray down after! (Naik likes to mix a little bit of soap into the bath with her bath bombs for the sake of bubbles, this tends to help with the oil cling a bit.)

* Don't use white towels with colored bath bombs, or you'll have a colored towel! Best to go darker, or match colors with what you're using. :)

* Remember to use a drain cover, have a drain that can handle it, or be prepared to remove dried florals when using a bath bomb that contains them!


Rose Heart Bath Bombs

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