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These stud earrings are nice and simple. We opted away from wire wrapping to avoid the prickles of wires against ears and misweighting we've personally seen in past experience, meaning these get to show off a bit more of their stone!


The Shimmer State Earrings are a two pack of crystal studs, featuring Rainbow Moonstone and Labradorite.


Why Shimmer State? Whelp, that would be because of the misleading name of Rainbow Moonstone. In truth, this stone should be called 'White Labradorite'. Yep, that's right! This pack technically features two forms of Labradorite. If you've ever seen this stone in person, you probably already know about the glorious strikes of shimmery labradorescence inside of it and along random areas of its surface. This is shared by both of these stone varities, and makes them some of the prettiest! We'll tell you a bit about the stones in case that wasn't enough for you, though. :P


A stone of transformation and courage, Labradorite is an amazing stabilizing stone that pumps you up with a great big ol' dose of revitalizing energy while it pressure washes your auric field, wiping out all of the negative energy that clings to your from your adventures in the world.  This is a stone that keeps your grounded, while simultaneously inviting you to aim for the stars. While it will draw focus to traumas and emotional blocks that need to be addressed, it does so in a less pressing manner than other stones, and provides only what you need and can handle at any given time.


Rainbow Moonstone shared many of the same abilities, but is far more inspiration-oriented.  In comparison to Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone is very much a stone of vision, bringing clarity and heightened perception, strengthening intuition, and dispelling any illusions that might be blocking our complete view of the world around us.

Shimmer State Earrings

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