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These stud earrings are nice and simple. We opted away from wire wrapping to avoid the prickles of wires against ears and misweighting we've personally seen in past experience, meaning these get to show off a bit more of their stone!


The Spire Vibe Earrings are a two pack of crystal studs, featuring Sodalite and Peacock Ore.


When putting this pack together, we had to think about what type of things we'd put in a 'Spire Vibe' themed set. While we could have gone with something from our Phoenix Spire Mala... we went for use and impact instead.


A lot of what we create, we're creating to relieve stress, and channel our energies somewhere productive. Sodalite is a fantastic partner for just that! Not to unlike the hug of a warm sweater, sodalite has a calming energy that helps to restore order and emotional balance, not to mention helping to ease panic attacks! This is a stone that helps brings you back to yourself, get past the guilt and fear that tries to stop your productivity and growth, and lets your detach from the mundane concerns of life to focus on your true purpose. We couldn't ask for more!


Peacock Ore on the other hand, is a stone of happiness! Even just looking at its colorful sheen is enough to bring a smile to our faces, but this stone actively works to raise our consciousness to see and appreciate the good in even the worst moments. Peacock Ore tries to show us that perception is reality, and everything exists for ultimate good in some way, it's our life's goal to find it. As this is the philosophy Naik tries to live her life by in the first place, and is also the philosophy that brought about Phoenix Spire Studio... it's a perfect fit for this pack!



Spire Vibe Earrings

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