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These stud earrings are nice and simple. We opted away from wire wrapping to avoid the prickles of wires against ears and misweighting we've personally seen in past experience, meaning these get to show off a bit more of their stone!


The Spirit Journey Earrings are a two pack of crystal studs, featuring Kunzite and Pietersite.


Kunzite is a particularly useful crystal to wear, being both a Heart stone that can help work through trauma, cleanse negative energy, and bring one's inner strength to the forefront... ontop of being an absolutely kick ass helper for all things spiritual, since it connects to the crown chakra as well! For our purposes, we're focusing on the aid accessing higher dimensional wisdom, but we can't understate the general metaphysical abilities of this stone. This crystal has an incredibly feminine energy with a gentle calming vibration; when used in meditation, it can help guide you to your higher self like a soft hug, allowing you to feel safe and comforted on your journeys.  If you're looking for a calmer ride, we suggest starting with Kunzite.


Pietersite is known as the Tempest Stone, with a coloration that resembles a deep stormy sky over the ocean. In spite of this, Pietersite has the ability to restore calm to it's user, releasing negative energy, cleansing the aura, and aiding in the discharge of emotional trauma. While a very supportive stone, Pietersite begins to work with the bodies energies to rapidly move its user into a higher state of awareness, supercharging intuitive capabilities and ushering them through transformation that can seem sudden. This sudden shift can be uncomfortable for some, making Pietersite a stone to get used to, or pair with softening stones.


Regardless of whether you take the scenic canoe-style route, or the white water rapids approach, these two stones will be a fantastic addition to your meditation practices!

Spirit Journey Earrings

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