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ScribbleQuirk Studios is a collaborative project created in 2018 by LyssArts, Naikios, and Zorkia. In 2019, the project was revamped and continued by Lyss and Naikios after a short break, where they ran 'Rise of the Rabbits'.  We love creating together, and hope to get back to doing so after our personal lives calm down. For right now, we're going to stick to random pop-up Collab sales and the SQS Merch shop here at Phoenix Spire Studio, because if we're being honest... our normal functioning is a LOT of work, and we've got some big stuff happening in our personal lives!

Thank you SO much for all of your continued support, enjoy our shop, and join us on deviantART or discord if you'd like!


SQS has finally managed to get its Transbun Scribblematic Plasma Ray working! Why? To bring to life our favorite doodle, of course.  The Transbun Scribblematic Plasma Ray, affectionately named the 'BunGun', can create a 'ScribbleBun' from nearly anything! The ray is capable of mutating sentient creatures directly into ScribbleBuns, while it can clone and bring life to objects and ideas in ScribbleBun form.  Once a ScribbleBun, specimens can shift fluidly back and forth from their original to Bun states.  Scribblebuns born from non-sentient creatures and people gain the ability to shift between a new anthropomorphic body and Bun state, as well as their inanimate forms.

ScribbleBuns can move from one dimension to another, allowing them to seemingly teleport.  These creatures are telepathic, and have a hive mind as a whole, in addition to their typical solitary thought processes.  These small creatures float/hover in the air and are indestructible in their Bun forms due to their ability to simply shift out of phase into the alternate dimension as ScribbleBuns.  Though they are capable of fluidly changing their size, their largest size is still quite small at about 2 feet. To help move things around in light of their petite hands, they have the added ability of telekinesis in their bun form. Magics are only active whilst presenting as a ScribbleBun.


The ScribbleBuns are the ScribbleQuirk Studios exclusive mini-species. ScribbleBuns may be used as characters, collected, or sold/traded after purchase.  ScribbleBuns are sold on cards, with transparents as extras, due to the fact that these will one day become a quirky little SQS Oracle Card Set. Each ScribbleBun adopted helps to fund the SQS Artists and projects, while each card number itself is a permanent raffle entry in periodic raffles that will be drawn throughout SQS's normal functions. (Raffles are not taking place while the studio is not in its traditional sponsorship states, but all cards purchased will still be used in raffles once they restart!)


Want your character to be part ScribbleBun? With this option, we'll turn your character into a ScribbleBun! In addition, when it comes time to print the Oracle set, you'll be able to choose what your card says! As you'll still receive a card and a number, these are a great placeholder in the raffles, and a way to show your SQS pride!

This option is $25-$35 depending on complexity and extras and can be purchased using the link below.


Purchase one of the Artist-Zapped ScribbleBuns! All ScribbleBuns may be played as characters once owned. This means that you are more than welcome to turn ScribbleBun designs into larger more classic characters if you wish, play them as is, or simply collect them to support SQS and our endeavors! Prices vary slightly depending on complexity, see individual cards for this!  To adopt a Scribblebun, simply purchase it like any other item on the site from the collection below!

Characters do not have to be created in full by SQS artists, you're more than welcome to take your ScribbleBun to any artist

you like who is up to the task! ^^


Right now, we're just running our ScribbleBun Character Conversions, which you can look into here!

Don't worry, though! In the future, any random pop up collaborations and projects will show up in this area!

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