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Phoenix Spire Studio, like any website, requires maintenance and funds to operate; especially in its capacity as a Zevarian support system. To help with this, we've designed some sponsorship subscriptions where our supporters can exchange funds for rewards!

Since we don't want to overload our artist and only need to fill enough spaces to cover our site fees here, we will only be offering SIX $25 Sponsorship Spaces to start.

These will be monthly subscriptions which will receive a piece of art each month as reward. This may range from chibis to sketches, or other experimental pieces.  To sign up, just fill out the form below. You can cancel at anytime via Paypal subscriptions or by talking to Naikios!

PLEASE BE ADVISED: THESE FORMS DO NOT LIKE MOBILE. They work, but they will look very stretched. Desktop suggested. <3


This is something a little bit different that we're doing for fun. The new Azfeiran Universe is over a year away due to necessities within existing species that must come first. By purchasing this $5 subscription, you'll gain monthly access to sneak peaks of the new species, worlds, and universe from Naikios, including lore info and visuals. Anyone who purchases one of these subscriptions will be given first crack at the species when they are finally released. 

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