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Hello friends and visitors! This is Naikios speaking. If you’re unfamiliar with my work, I’m a Graphic Artist that creates within the Anthro RP Community, especially the one revolving around the MMORPG Furcadia, which I’ve been working in since 2006.

In 2021, Cherry and I got together to form Phoenix Spire Studio. This started as an idea a few years back to create a small store for offline creations, as we both enjoy dabbling in many areas and graphic art alone doesn’t scratch all of my itches.

2022 has been a long year of redevelopment for us. We aren't quite reset enough to reopen our tangible shops yet, but our species and gameplay are in full swing and we're getting ourselves good and reset.

For now, these pages will include our artists and a synopsis of the Zevarian community species that we tend to work within.


If you want to join us on Discord, check out the Phoenix Spire Studio Discord Server!

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