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Hey there! Zevaria is a system-wide community of species within the anthro RP community. Currently, there are 7 Zevarian species in play, with an additional 3 rumored. This page will describe the system itself to you, whilst you can search species pages for a synopsis on them. Please note that these are only summaries, with the full information available in discord servers, RPRs, and other webpages.


The Star: Zevaria is a magically enhanced red dwarf star that burns long and bright. It is a gift from the Goddess, Uziri. It is thought to be one of the oldest stars in the universe and has 6 known planets in orbit around it. Recently, it has come to the attention of some that planets keep appearing in orbit around this star that were not previously there. This is due to the Goddess hiding inhabited planets from various civilizations and for various reasons. No matter what is listed here, it’s best to know that more planets may always be present.

Neswe: A large, seemingly uninhabited volcanic world. This planet has no moon and orbits too close to Zevaria for any normal habitation, however, there have long been myths and jokes within the Zevarian communities about Uziri having created a lava species called the Veserion on this planet.


Cretu: A smaller rocky world, just distant enough from Zevaria and Neswe to hold its own moon, Kekere in orbit, but too close for habitation.

Primavalea: The Primordials are the oldest species in the Zevarian system and the first created by the Goddess, Uziri. In response to the lifeless world she first visited within the system, Uziri gathered and gave life to seven crystals from the star’s third planet. Primavalea is the third largest planet in orbit around the star, boasting two moons: Valizza and Vazza. These moons were colonized early on inn Primordial history to form a three-part societal structure for its inhabitants, which were plentiful as Uziri gave the ability to create future generations to one of her Elysian Primordials.


These generations have a wide breadth of appearances due to the nature of the species but can usually be identified by crystalline structures on their chimaera-style bodies.  Each Primordial wields its own inherent magic from a vast array of abilities, making this species a formidable force in the universe when at full strength. Due to war, the planet is now mostly home to hibernating Primordials and ruins, while most active Primordials remain on their host planets. The species is currently in the process of reviving their world.


Faliverte: Also known as the Shade Planet, Faliverte is home to the Nefali species, or Siren-Shades. This bird-feline hybrid species is made up of solitary hunters who are able to shift between bipedal and quadruped forms, as well as move seamlessly between our realm and a dimension that they refer to as “The Void”. While this makes them dangerously agile, their prey is often ignorant of their threat due to the Nefali feeding style. Gifted with speaking voices that magically entrance anyone who hears them, Nefali have an easy time then feeding on admiration, loyalty, and lust; this subsequently fuels them with immortality and endless stamina.

While they have mortal bodies that can be killed by traditional methods, the immortality that comes from continuing to feed makes most of the existing Nefali tens to hundreds of thousands of years old; this in turn tends to lead them away from religious practices. These creatures are sterile despite their immortality, so one can only assume that the Goddess adds to their ranks whenever the mood strikes her.  Otherwise, she stays thoroughly out of the species. No one can say how many Nefali exist, or even where they all are except the deity herself.


While Faliverte is the anchor of 3 moons by the names of Miriti, Lobraj and Aloka, a thick magical cloud layer completely obscures the atmosphere of the planet. This layer blocks all entry by flight or portal, causing this planet to be misunderstood by other civilizations. The purpose of Faliverte is not a planet to live on,, but rather a massive portal allowing the Nefali to reach the Zevarian system quickly from anywhere in the universe. Rather than truly being a planet, under Faliverte’s cloud system lies a physical manifestation of The Void realm within the Zevarian System, surrounded by floating patches of land. Contrary to popular belief, movement between the two realms is not an exact match spacially, though it is related.


Due to the high number of intense magic users, most Nefali prefer to hunt within Zevaria, using the islands of Faliverte as a rest stop, then using the gate to return to their favorite ‘home’.

Zexiri: The Dark Planet, Zexiri is a complete mystery to the rest of the universe. Unlike the thick, shaded appearance of Faliverte, Zexiri simply appears to be a void orbiting Zevaria, assumed to be a planet rather than a black hole only due to its gravity being that of a normal planet the samesize. With that said, nothing has approached Zexiri that has ever returned, including the few moons that once orbited. No collision was ever witnessed to imply the satellites crashed into anything, they simply vanished. As such, Zexiri remains a mystery, avoided by all within the system, much like Earth's Bermuda Triangle.


Prazna: For the past 15,000 years it has been a barren wasteland. The only permission to be on this world was to visit the Praznavalian Library, where all of Pravda knowledge is stored and the Kronospeculon was constructed. The Pravda once knew themselves to be celestial creatures of consciousness, manifest in the stars and inhabiting bodies created by Uziri for them to experience time and space. Due to the events leading to the Genesis of the Pravda, an act of Divine Intervention that wiped the species knowledge and regressed their evolution, this information was lost to them.  Unsurprisingly, a war caused this, as well as the state of the planet. During the Genesis years, the Library on Prazna was replaced by a smaller replica without any of the power. This planet is guarded by a barrier that allows only Pravda to reach it. 

Unlike many of the other planets in our system where one species has reached dominance, Prazna originally had two. The Pravda’Avos, or Pra’Vos for short, were a naturally evolving species that resulted from evolution on a planet marked by Pravda magic. The magic played such a distinct part in their forms that they began to siphon off bits in their own form of lumorae, inheriting magical abilities and a place within the lower ranks of the Pravda pack.

The Others


There are, of course, other species here in the Zevarian system, though these are either myths, or transplant species of sorts.  In the mythological vein, we have the Omoya, the Veserion and The Fierada. None of us know if any of these are real. They sound made up, being something like cloud, lava, and plant people… but, let’s be honest, the Goddess already did stars, shadows, and rocks. It seems up her vein of thought.


Other than these myths, we have the Priminials, created from Primordial shards by the Clear Quartz Primordial Eremis, The Alcheminials created by Legend, and the Egomotai. They’re harder to explain. Let’s start with the first two.


The Priminials are a particularly small sub-species of Primordial created by Eremis to be subservient like the Pra’Vos.  To do this, she enslaved them to a Primordial shard egg, like tiny little genies.


The Alcheminials were an attempt to replicate Eremis’ magic without the slavery aspects. The little guys don’t have any magic besides their ability to shift size to full grown like their Priminial cousins, but they’re still cute as hell.


The Egomotai are a race brought back from another universe.  All we’ll say here is that they are a race of extradimensional conscious emotions, and some of them are a royal pain in the ass.

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