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Prefer a bit less wax? This jar was created to provide an example of our DIY Jar Sets, but it's a hell of a setup! Featuring Iolite, Lepidolite, Blue Tiger's Eye, Cinnabite, Selenite, Black Onyx and Scolectite crystals, along with Rosemary, Coffee, White Salt, Mint, Marjoram, Ginger, Chamomile; This one is the perfect partner for the anxiety ridden, or anyone with a mood disorder especially.  Featuring a plethora of crystals that help relieve stress, break free of old habits, and cleanse out the old to usher in a transformation towards the true self we've buried under ego and the pain of mortal life.


Cinnabite (Cinnabar): The Alchemist's Stone.  At a spiritual level, Cinnabar connects to the acceptance of everything being perfect exactly as it is, releasing energy blockages and aligning the energy centers. Increasing persuasiveness and assertiveness, it aids in prospering in one's endeavors without inciting aggression, and assists in organization and community work, business and finance.  This stone is helpful when you want to enhance your persona or change your image, as it invests you with dignity and power and makes your outward demeanor aesthetically pleasing and elegant. Mentally, Cinnabar imparts fluency to the mind and to speech.

Selenite: A high-vibration stone that induces clarity of mind and anchors the light body in the earth vibration. Selenite creates a protective shield as it cleanses the other crystals and the auric body.

Black Onyx: Strength-giving Onyx is a protective stone for dark nights and lonely places. Taking you forward to view the future, it facilitates being master of your own destiny. A stone of separation that banishes old habits, Onyx is useful when a relationship needs stabilizing or when it has passed its sell-by date and needs releasing. Assisting in keeping your own counsel, Onyx holds memories of what happens to the wearer and can be used for psychometry.

Scolectite: Scolecite is an inter-dimensional crystal that acts as a guide for astral travelers, helping us to connect with different entities from other realms. It offers protection from the intrusion of negative astral energies or entities. Scolecite facilitates the opening of informational networks and patterns in order to communicate with other worlds, especially with the spiritual world. It is a helpful stone for extra-terrestrial communication and to access information from ancient civilizations. Scolecite helps us connect to our higher selves to gain perspective on our soul journey through this lifetime and beyond. Scolecite can gently enhance the dream states, and helps us to achieve a feeling of serenity, even during the most tumultuous times, and enhances higher awareness. Emotionally, Scolecite may be used to enhance the Heart Chakra energies as it vibrates with an energy that quickens the expression of love and bonding in relationships and teams. Scolecite helps to find solutions to problematic situations. It gently supports receptivity, empowers expansion, and helps to create balance in spite of challenging circumstances.

IoliteIolite is a vision stone used in shamanic ceremonies to assist in journeying. This stone stimulates inner knowledge, releasing the causes of addiction and codependency to allow us to express our true selves; It gives off an electrical charge that re-energizes the auric field and aligns the aura.

Blue Tiger's Eye: Calming and stress-releasing, Blue Tiger's Eye assists the overanxious, the quick-tempered, and those suffering from phobias. This stone slows the metabolism, cools and overactive sex-drive, and dissolves sexual frustrations.

Lepidolite: A stone of transition, Lepidolite insists on being used for the highest good and brings about reconciliation. Activating and opening all chakras, it brings in cosmic awareness. Lepidolite assists in shamanic or spiritual journeying, and accesses the Akashic Record. Containing Lithium, it is helpful  in stabilizing bipolar disorders. Lepidolite gently removes and restructures outworn behavioral patterns, encouraging independence and the achievement of goals without outside help. With its power of objectivity and concentration, it aids analytic processes and decision-making, focusing on what is important and filtering out distractions.

Break Free Ritual Jar

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