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This necklace features Abalone, Labradorite, Hematite, Lava Stone, and Druzy stones!


Lava stones are some of Naik's favorite, and show up in almost everything she does, we shouldn't really be surprised, as they resonate heavily with Taurus energies!  Lava stones hold the elements of fire and earth, and are born from pure energy. They are immensely grounding, helping to dissipate anger, stress and anxiety.  Above anything, they are stones of rebirth and inner-strength, giving us strength, courage, and stability through change.


The Lava Stones pair especially well in this necklace with Abalone, as each share a close kinship with the natural elements.  As glass is a natural ocean find, we can use the glass beads in unison with the stones to amplify their healing abilities, and cheat by throwing in Druzy!  Due to the way these crystals form, their energy is the same as that of a crystal cluster, softly radiating their energies in all directions.  Toss in some Hematite to ground and rebalance, a bit of Labradorite, and we may as well be sipping margaritas by the beach!

Ocean Island Necklace

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