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While influenced by a traditional mala, and featuring a lot of the standard aspects found in these, our Phoenix Spire Malas are all a bit ... different. Just like us!  Tailored with intention charged crystal and glass beads,  each of these mala was designed to provide maximum benefit to its new owner, including Lava beads that can soak up essential oil blends for aromatherapy purposes. While this is unnecessary and totally preferential, it's a definite favorite use of their designer.


The Oracle Aromatherapy Mala features an altered 75 bead design, plus the traditional Guru bead represented with a reconstitued Howlite heart bead, and replaces the standard tassle with a Labradorite slab. The beads of the mala itself are Amethyst, Howlite, Hematite, Labradorite, Leopard Jasper and Lava stone.



While these stones can be channeled towards many intentions, these mala were designed for spiritual work. Adding Howlite to the mix, we bring in the energies of one of the most calming stones. Howlite teaches us patience, brings tolerance, and helps to eliminate rage, pain and stress that can be clouding our minds and auras. To open ourselves up to out of body experiences and intense connection to the universe around us, it's important to have a clear mind...  something that's nearly impossible to achieve with the world in its current state.  For this, we're using the Howlite and Leopardskin Jasper, which eats through the illusions around us, bringing stability to the chaos and helping us to be honest with ourselves. These stones keeps negative energies away while helping us to work through our inner-struggles, reminding us what we're grateful for and bringing a sense of calm during frustrating moments. Hematite then moves in to balance the body and aura with its magnetic energies, pairing with Amethyst and Labradorite to calm the mind, provide clarity, and enhance memory and a thirst for knowledge, opening up the curiosity to probe the higher realms for information and spiritual comfort.  We probably don't need to spend much time on these two, as they're the most well-known crystals in this mala! Amethyst and Labradorite are a power punch for prophecy and working on psychic development, helping to regain your energy and raising consciousness to reconnect us to the greater universe.  All of these stones work to soothe overactive minds, so they're great for keeping the mind on track while meditating.


To round out this mala, the Lava beads. We've already touched on the joys of using lava beads for aromatherapy, which is their first reason for inclusion... but now lets talk about the other reasons!  While lava stones are some of Naik's favorite, and show up in almost everything she does, we shouldn't really be surprised, as they resonate heavily with Taurus energies!  Lava stones hold the elements of fire and earth, and are born from pure energy. They are immensely grounding, helping to dissipate anger, stress and anxiety.  Above anything, they are stones of rebirth and inner-strength, giving us strength, courage, and stability through change.


Oracle Aromatherapy Mala

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