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The creation of the official Phoenix Spire mala was a labor of love, as well as a learning-experience curated by the universe itself. Phoenix Spire's tagline 'Release doubt and join the creative fire' was created as a mantra. It was simple: Stop thinking about it, stop worrying about it, and do it. This mala was remade many... many... many times before the lesson in that mantra was finally learned. Originally, this was going to be a variation of a standard 108 bead mala. It was going to be perfect,  infused with the numerolgy and synchronistic numbers that run Naik's life. Now, the finished design? 107 beads.... because we can't control everything. If you think this 'error' wasn't ammended, you'd be wrong. It took a while, but finally, Naik understood: There is perfection in imperfection. It's not about striving for perfect, it's about seeing the perfection in everything, including our mistakes. Some mistakes need correcting, because there are consequences and learning experiences in the fixing.  But. Some mistakes simply aren't a big deal, and in the end, you may find that they made more sense than the way you were fighting to believe was perfect. That's the learning experience here.


This mala is about learning from every experience, and never letting any experience break us; featuring Lava Stone, Abalone, Howlite, Tiger's Eye, Glass Beads, Amazonite, Yellow Agate, Fire Agate, and Hematite.

Phoenix Aromatherapy Mala

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