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While influenced by a traditional mala, and featuring a lot of the standard aspects found in these, our Phoenix Spire Malas are all a bit ... different. Just like us!  Tailored with intention charged crystal and glass beads,  each of these mala was designed to provide maximum benefit to its new owner, including Lava beads that can soak up essential oil blends for aromatherapy purposes. While this is unnecessary and totally preferential, it's a definite favorite use of their designer.


The Tiger Aromatherapy Mala features an altered  design, plus the traditional Guru bead represented with a reconstitued Howlite heart bead, and replaces the standard tassle with a Tiger's Eye Bead. The beads of the mala itself are Howlite, Hematite, Sodalite, Blue Aventurine, Tiger's Eye, Blue-Banded Agate, and Lava Stones.



Since each of these malas was made with an intention in mind, and we create the things we need ourselves, this mala is for self-discovery, and pairs well with work surrounding trauma. While it features a lot of the calming blue stones, like Sodalite, Blue-Banded Agate, and Blue Aventurine, its heavy hitters are Tiger's Eye, Howlite, and Lava Stone.


When we are young, we have no idea how scary the world really is. Sure, we fear things like monsters under the bed... But let's be honest, some days, we'd prefer a monster under the bed to the knowledge of adulthood. The older we get, the more we realize that life isn't black and white, but rather a billion shades of grey. Fear and doubt are invasive parasites for our psyche, shaping and influencing our thoughts and decisions. "Ignorance is Bliss" is a phrase for a reason, after all! Every good and bad experience adds to our experience pool, mutating how we subconsciously react in the future.  The negative experiences breed fear, preventing us from responding properly to similar experiences in the future unless we can resolve them. That's exactly what this mala was designed to help with.


Tiger's Eye is an incredibly protective stone that helps to clear the mind, unravel our emotions, stabilize mood swings, dispell fear and anxiety, heal psychosomatic illnesses and bring luck. It is a stone of willpower and courage that has been used since ancient times to connect to the divine and protect from curses and evil. Sharing a lot of the same metaphysical properties, Howlite is paired with the Tiger's Eye and boosted by Blue-Banded Agate to calm the overactive mind of the anxious person, working to chip away at pain and anger that clouds the mind and activating the memory to journey directly through its sources.  Hematite absorbs negative energy from the user's vicinity and aura, as well as any toxic emotions that are clinging to them, while the Blue-banded agate helps to improve concentration and perception, upping one's analytical abilities to make quiet contemplation of life experiences a healing rather than traumatic process.

Of course, we have to get there sometime, and when we do, Sodalite is right there to help. The king of calm, Sodalite helps to ease panic attacks, and bring order to the flood of thoughts, helping to return rational thought and objectivity when our ego takes over, as well as strengthening our intuition and allowing us to see the truth. On the tail end, Blue Aventurine aids in restructuring life, removing our bad habits and getting back in touch with our inner self.  This crystal will help you recognize your psychic abilities, pass higher vibrations to your subconscious mind, and reignite your leadership and organizational abilities to help you approach and complete projects more confidently.


To round out this mala, the Lava beads. We've already touched on the joys of using lava beads for aromatherapy, which is their first reason for inclusion... but now lets talk about the other reasons!  While lava stones are some of Naik's favorite, and show up in almost everything she does, we shouldn't really be surprised, as they resonate heavily with Taurus energies!  Lava stones hold the elements of fire and earth, and are born from pure energy. They are immensely grounding, helping to dissipate anger, stress and anxiety.  Above anything, they are stones of rebirth and inner-strength, giving us strength, courage, and stability through change.


Tiger Aromatherapy Mala

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